Accessibility is a precondition for a thriving economy. Hence it is no surprise that countries invest billions in infrastructure every year, for cars, bicycles and public transportation. Models assist decision makers to determine where to invest. However, model outcomes vary greatly. Especially for the use of public transportation.

We approach mobility from a user point of view. The ‘home-to-home’ journey is an important parameter. Because people do not return to their homes by bus when they have left it by car. For The Netherlands, we have captured the home-to-home journeys of over 2% of the population. With impressive results. Using people as inspiration we help in keeping economic centers accessible at reasonable costs.

Part of our work with mobility is available to the public. For example, how the Randstad and Amsterdam can be reached more easily using the existing infrastructure  – see below. We look forward to realizing similar insights in other parts of the world.

Examples of publicly available work (in Dutch)


Beter Benutten OV StadsRegioAmsterdamDownload

OVbureauRandstad Kiezen voor kwaliteitDownload

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